So you’ve finally started the business of your dreams, and you’re ready to take this journey. You’ll hear all this advice and suggestions about getting a business loan up to the point that you’ll get overwhelmed. Before you decide to commit and take up a loan for your new venture, here a few things to keep in mind.

Prepare a clear business plan 

To convince a bank, lender or investor for a business loan, you need to have a business plan that is clear and detailed. These people will want to know if you’re capable of running a business.¬†Besides that, a business plan details and presents your business credibly.¬†

In your business plan, include details that are pertinent to your business such as goals, competitors, past and projected revenue, expenses and market analysis. Present to them why you and your project is worthwhile their consideration.

Have your financial statements ready

Lenders will want to see your financial statements. Come up with a plan that you will follow, and show projected numbers as your lenders will be able to understand your goals clearly. From this, they know that you will be able to make enough money to pay them back. 

Include your cash flow statements, income statements, and balance statements for the past three to five years. Don’t forget to show your estimates for the next few years, taking into account various factors in your business.

Understand and prepare for what it will cost you

Paying off your loan will take time and also a good chunk of your resources. Learn about the types of offers various lenders or banks can grant you, and use those interest rates and fees to estimate your payments. 

Know all of the terms and conditions attached to each loan offer before you decide which one will be best for you. At the end of the day, you’ll be committing to something, so it’s worthwhile to take some time to understand it fully.


Getting yourself into a business loan may be a process that is daunting and long, but it’s necessary for you and your business to thrive. The key is always to learn and explore options while keeping in mind your venture first. Learn more about how this business loan could help your company here