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Benefits of Working at a Coworking Space!

If you’re a freelancer, you might be wondering if a coworking space is a worthwhile investment. Working away from people can often be tough, draining and really lonely. You’d be surprised to know what a proper office space and surrounding yourself with a supportive community could do to you. Here are some benefits of working at a coworking space!

Better productivity

Have you ever found yourself in a productive slump? This might be due to the fact that working in a living space is making it hard for you to maintain a work-life balance. Establishing a working space away from your home and into a coworking space, is a great step to keep your productivity momentum going. Increased productivity means a steadier income for you. 

Office amenities ready for use

coworking space common ground

Working at a coworking space also means you have closer access to amenities you’d traditionally find in an office. This means you get to access to private meeting rooms, printers and even fully-stocked pantries. Some coworking spaces even offers mail sorting services, so you could direct work related letters and invoices away from your private space.

Network with a supportive community 

The nature of working in a shared office space means that you will be bound to interact with other freelancers and other businesses there. Coworking spaces offer a great networking and community-building opportunity. From here, freelancers gain new friends and support system from people with similar experience, and the feeling of alienation is greatly diminished. 


If you’re a freelancer looking to improve your work and productivity, consider establishing your work space in a coworking space. Many people are embracing working in shared office spaces as it builds a sense of community as well as improves their working life and ethics. If you’re keen to know more about coworking spaces in Malaysia, click here https://www.commonground.work/

Take Better Photos with These Apps!

Taking photos is fun and smartphones with multiple cameras, like the Vivo V17 Pro, has made it easier to capture beautiful moments and gorgeous portraits. If you’re looking to up your game however, here are some photo editing apps to help you produce better photos for your feed.\


Snapseed is a great photo editing app that rival even traditional desktop editing softwares. Designed by Google, the interface is user friendly, offering a great deal of tools for effective photo editing. It also has an exciting tool called Expand that detects the area surrounding your subject. Using this estimation, Snapseed expands your canvas accordingly. Really nifty.


Vivo V17 Pro Vivo Malaysia

This is a great, all-around photo editor software. It’s simple and fluid, offering a very similar experience as Lightroom. It enables batch editing so that you could go through multiple photos at the same time. On top of that, Darkroom allow RAW photos and get you your own dedicated library. 


Film photography is gaining in popularity for a good reason. It gives photos a nostalgic and soft feel that’s desired by many users on social media. Filmborn lets emulate various types of film through your phone, transforming your photos into gorgeous, dreamlike snapshots of life and moments.


Have a black and white feed? This app is for you. Carbon is the ultimate B&W tool. Developed in partnership with photographers, this app presents you with stunning monochrome filters. They aim to take your work to the next level and showcase your subject like no Instagram filter ever can. All you have to do is take your photos to app and apply the right adjustments until you get your desired effect. 


These photo editing apps are a great addition to a phone like the Vivo V17 Pro. Take your photos even further and let them fit your creative and artistic vision. If you wanna know more about how a Vivo phone can get you amazing pictures, click here https://www.vivo.com/my/products/v17pro

How to Choose the Right Milk For Your Baby

People say that breast milk is the best milk for babies, but sometimes it’s not that simple. A mother may not be able to produce breast milk, and it isn’t as readily available as other types of milk. When you can’t feed a baby breast milk, what’s the next best option?

Choosing the right milk for your child can be an overwhelming experience, but by following a few simple rules, you can surely find out which is the best choice for your baby.

Choose the Right Milk for Babies

Tips to Choose the Right Milk

Here are some tips on how to choose the right baby milk for your child:

Start with the traditional choice

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start with cow’s milk. Not only do most babies tolerate cow’s milk-based formula very well, but it’s also the least expensive choice. Cow’s milk also has the most variations to help babies with digestive issues or fussy babies.

It’s okay to try soy

Soy milk is popular among adults, but if your baby isn’t responding well with cow’s milk, you can consider feeding soy milk. It can be an option if normal milk formula your child doesn’t respond to it well and have complications such as milk allergy. Make sure to discuss with your paediatrician before you decide to switch.

Go for branded products

There’s a reason why branded products such as Pediasure are preferred by pharmacists and mothers, as brand names have done extensive research into their milk formulas. When it comes to milk formula, it isn’t the place to look for a bargain, so don’t risk your child’s health by buying cheap formula.

Organic doesn’t mean better

While it’s recommended to buy branded products, you shouldn’t spend money on organic formula. There isn’t any research that suggests there’s a difference between regular and organic formula, so save that money for things that really matter like organic produce.


Finding the right milk for your child may take time and a bit of trial and error, but as long you are feeding your baby with the necessary nutrition, it should be fine. Contact your paediatrician if you have any questions about milk formulas.

For more information about choosing the right milk, visit https://pediasure.com.my/aboutPediasure/right-milk now.