Millennials have been a topic of discussion for the longest time among hiring managers and recruiters, but it’s time to make way for the next generation, Gen Z. They are born between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, and they are starting to make their mark in the working world.

As hiring managers, it’s essential to understand the personality and habits of Gen Z job seekers as they’re expected to make up most of the workforce by 2020. Understanding their traits will help in hiring them effectively on free job posting sites in the Phillippines, so if you haven’t got to know them yet, you have to do it now.

They are independent

It’s not that they’re bad at teamwork, but Generation Z tends to prefer working on individual projects as much as they can. For Gen Z, they believe they can showcase their talents and skills best by taking personal projects and working on matters independently.

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They are tech-savvy

As they grew up with smartphones, Gen Z relies heavily on mobile apps, social media and the internet. They are comfortable with using the latest technology and will utilise it for their job. If you’re keen on hiring Gen Z, you have to keep up by making sure your online presence is there.

They are competitive

Gen Z enjoys a good challenge and testing their abilities. They know what they want, and they are willing to compete and work hard to get it. For employers, this means it’s essential to recognise their hard work and provide constant feedback.

They seek stability

Living through economic uncertainty and unrest in 2008, Generation Z tends to be more risk-averse than millennials. Today, when they seek for jobs, they want a predictable job with a clearly defined compensation package. To retain Gen Z workers, employers have to emphasise job security and growth opportunities.


Millennials were a big deal in the past, but employers have to start getting familiar with the new Gen Z. Understanding your workforce is key to hiring top talents for your company.

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