To tackle the problem of attracting candidates, companies and organisations are joining the trend of providing incentives to qualified candidates. These incentives can be as small as a gift card or a cup of coffee, and they are proved to be effective in attracting candidates to show up.

If you think you have a problem with getting candidates from Jobstreet Malaysia to attend interviews, here’s are some ways to increase interview participation.

Offer a meal

Everyone loves eating, which is why this incentive can be pretty useful. Setting an interview along with a meal can also give off a relaxing vibe, making interviewees more inclined to take up your offer. You can offer to pay for the meal after the interview, or treat a follow-up meal to get them interested in coming back.

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Give a gift card

This incentive depends on how much you want to offer to the candidates. It can be in the form of a Visa cash card or a Starbucks card and should be presented after the candidates attend the interview. Call it transportation reimbursement or a participation gift, whatever works.

Compensate for their work time

When interviewing an employed candidate, it’s most likely they are taking time off work to attend your interview. Offering to make up for any lost wages can encourage them to meet you, especially if they are top candidates.

Provide discounts or samples

To those who have successfully attended an interview, you can consider offering a discount on your product or a sample. You can also gift a goody bag if you feel generous.

Tell them straight away that they are qualified

Some candidates may feel reluctant to meet up for interviews because they fear rejection. Remove that fear and make them feel comfortable by letting them know that they have passed the requirements and that you just want to talk.


This method of recruiting may look like a sales tactic, but it makes sense as you have to maximise candidates participation. By attracting more applicants, you won’t face and shortages of talents.

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