If you’re a freelancer, you might be wondering if a coworking space is a worthwhile investment. Working away from people can often be tough, draining and really lonely. You’d be surprised to know what a proper office space and surrounding yourself with a supportive community could do to you. Here are some benefits of working at a coworking space!

Better productivity

Have you ever found yourself in a productive slump? This might be due to the fact that working in a living space is making it hard for you to maintain a work-life balance. Establishing a working space away from your home and into a coworking space, is a great step to keep your productivity momentum going. Increased productivity means a steadier income for you. 

Office amenities ready for use

coworking space common ground

Working at a coworking space also means you have closer access to amenities you’d traditionally find in an office. This means you get to access to private meeting rooms, printers and even fully-stocked pantries. Some coworking spaces even offers mail sorting services, so you could direct work related letters and invoices away from your private space.

Network with a supportive community 

The nature of working in a shared office space means that you will be bound to interact with other freelancers and other businesses there. Coworking spaces offer a great networking and community-building opportunity. From here, freelancers gain new friends and support system from people with similar experience, and the feeling of alienation is greatly diminished. 


If you’re a freelancer looking to improve your work and productivity, consider establishing your work space in a coworking space. Many people are embracing working in shared office spaces as it builds a sense of community as well as improves their working life and ethics. If you’re keen to know more about coworking spaces in Malaysia, click here https://www.commonground.work/