Green, blue, orange, or yellow is now no longer just 4 colors we learn at school. Within the telecommunication niche, each of these colors represents a number of the top players in the local telecom industry. Here, we promote the best of them all purely for your thinking.

Get Digi as Your Mobile Network Provider

In this space, the company that is certainly symbolic of the color yellow, Digi, really shines. Since their inception in 1995, Digi is actually a brand which is well-known to push the boundaries and also innovates its offerings, be it an internet plan or just a usual new phone subscription plan.

Prepaid Plan

Digi’s prepaid plan happens to be one of product to buy. If you plan to try them out, their prepaid SIM card is actually easy to buy. You can easily head to 7 Eleven and get one and make the registration on the counter before experiencing the most from what we believe is the right prepaid plan in Malaysia.

new phone

Postpaid Plan

One other alternative for people is Digi’s postpaid plan. After comparing every postpaid plan in Malaysia, you’ll be able to deduce that Digi is the cheapest plan you can get, from RM50 for everybody looking for a budget-friendly monthly commitment, and just RM250 to obtain a family postpaid plan for up to 5 users.

Apple Phone

Although the perfect plan can only be enjoyed when your purchase an brilliant phone to settle for. With Digi, it’s also possible to elect to buy smartphones including the iPhone 8 for a bargain price. You may as well opt for the Easy Payment Plan to go along with your package for actually zero deposit, however, this is determined by your eligibility.

Android Phone

As Digi understands that most of it consumers are looking for great value, they always offer affordable Android phones to go along with. However famous Android phones like Samsung will there be, but what’s really special is most likely the free smartphone deals, which include the Oppo F5 & Vivo Y66 which you can get from Digi.

Broadband Plan

Still, it’s undeniable that today, we rely more on the world wide web in order to connect, and less to call people and send sms. Understanding this, Digi has ensured that most of its plans provide the best internet plan to get today, consequently to get a postpaid, prepaid, or perhaps for broadband internet package.

IDD Call

For travelers, here’s a aspect of Digi’s plans which can be important to note, which is the roaming plan. The times where you have got to buy disposable SIM cards overseas are gone for good, as you possibly can simply surf the internet with your own individual Digi SIM card. Together with the initial rate as little as RM5, you just need activation.

As a final point, Digi is an excellent network provider since they have wonderful support services staff. Should you ever require almost any assistance, you can just visit their website or call the customer service careline at 106 2211 180 to have any matter with regards to your subscription plan resolved. Subscribe their plan now at