RHB MY: Our Past and Philosophy

RHB Banking Group MY is passed A century old! Along with personal, business, bank housing loan and Islamic banking, are various kinds of other professional services to choose from, which include insurance, investments, and loans. RHB has won many prizes with regards to their work, such as the Finance Asia Awards, Bursa Excellence Awards, and more. It has also been invaluable toward Malaysia’s businesses with its extensive finance research.

Personal Financial with RHB

Opening a bank account with RHB is effortless. We certainly have distinctive account types to match your necessities, from current accounts to fixed deposit accounts. Our credit card expertise is also versatile and well suited for virtually any lifestyle. If you’re considering ordering insurance policies or applying for a loan, RHB has enticing choices the fingertips.

Guarding Your Personal Success at RHB

To start investments but don’t know the place to start, our specialists at RHB are here to assist. Mileage isn’t a boundary because of our ambitious remittance rates and services- you may send money wherever! Additionally, we have safe deposit boxes obtainable in strategic bases throughout the country, where one can store your valuables safely.

RHB Bank

Business Accounts at RHB

Insurance policy is important for any organization, especially in opposition to any events that could change your business or perhaps in case the staff is injured. Just remember to as well as your business are protected by RHB insurance. Opening a company bank account with RHB can also be uncomplicated, in support of takes one day. RHB may also support you with mortgages on your business.

RHB Company Consumer banking Products

In addition to the core, we can even plan trade capital services, and also have a selection of industry experts to suggest for you around the best options to make. RHB is not merely your bank, and also your partner. We provide business alternatives and info to help you develop your small business. This advice also includes advice on investment decisions.

RHB Islamic Banking vs Conventional Banking

Right here at RHB, we’re focused on providing top quality Islamic banking services to all or any our customers that want it. Some advantages to having an Islamic Banking accounts range from the undeniable fact that your instalments will never be deteriorated, in contrast to a standard banking account. If you’re a non-Muslim, you are very welcome to apply for an Islamic account too!

How to Use RHB Now Banking?

With RHB Now Banking, you can see all of your accounts of the phone itself. You may as well send money or make the transfer. No more long queues at the bank, now you can access banking account everywhere you go on the earth! Just download it from your phone’s app store and obtain creative with any of the quick guides on our website.

The Benefits of Banking with RHB

Want to do your business banking with no fuss or hassle? RHB certainly is the bank available for you. With our variable possibilities, you can manage your banking needs in one location! Our consultants and customer satisfaction office are also offered to answer any inquiries you will have. Visit RHB’s website for more details on the bank housing loan: https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.