Wetlands Centre

Variety is the best word to describe the Hunter Wetlands Centre. The huge array of outdoor activities in this part of Newcastle shall make everyone happy. If you are a bird lover, you’d be elated to find that the wetlands serve as a sanctuary to a plethora of birds.

Once you get off a car, it’s just you and the rich flora and fauna. There are areas where you can have barbecue and a proper picnic. You’d be glad to know that this revitalized 45-hectare wetland can be accessed seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

There is so much to see and explore around this hidden jewel and the activities abound for all ages so feel free to bring the kids along.


Phone: 49516466     Open: 9am – 4pm 7days 412 Sandgate Road, Sandgate NSW 2307