Children grow and develop at a pace that many parents feel is way too fast. In reality, many children grow and develop in a pace that is unique to their own! This is because factors affecting child growth and development are varied and different for each person. Want to know more? Here are the top three factors for growth and development for kids!


The transmission of characteristics from parents to children through genes can influence a number of aspects in regards to the children’s development. Genetics have a role to play and aspects like height, weight, body structure, eye colour, hair colour and texture, and even intelligence and aptitudes. Certain diseases and conditions can also be passed through genes and could affect children. 


factors affecting child growth and development pediasure

Everything the body needs to build and repair itself comes from the food we eat. This makes nutrition a crucial factor in the growth and development of children. Malnutrition can cause deficiency diseases and stunted growth among children while overeating puts them at risk of obesity and other health problems in the long run, such as diabetes and heart disease. A balanced diet helps children grow and develop physically, mentally and cognitively.


The sex of the child is another key factor affecting the physical changes of your child. Both sex grows in different ways, especially during puberty. Boys tend to grow taller and develop bigger muscles, making them stronger. While girls may develop and mature faster during adolescence while boys grow and mature slower and over a longer period of time. 


These three factors are crucial in your child’s trajectory of growth and development. It’s important to keep in mind these factors, along with a handful of others, can be beyond our control. To further understand the factors and how nutrition plays a role in your child’s development, click here