Long school holidays can sometimes be tiring for parents because they are unsure of what activities to do with their children. And, if you are a working parent and don’t have much of annual leave to have a long vacation, it is much harder.

We want to share with you the following activities that you can do with your children during the school holidays. Here are the list of activities;

Vacation with family

Whether at local or abroad, a vacation or trip is always been number one choice whenever school holidays. Apart from strengthening family relationships, it can also leave wonderful memories for children as well as enjoy new moods and experiences.

Short weekend vacations can also be planned for local locations such as a visit and play water games at Desaru Coast. The latest tourist attraction in Johor, Malaysia.

desaru coast


This is a time for you and your kids to share something in the kitchen. Kids will love it when they are invited to cook their favourite food and also try new recipes. Kids are usually more excited when they are brought together to make cakes, puddings and cookies.

Join the school holidays camp

During the school holidays many school holiday camps are organised. Choose the one that suits your budget. In addition to getting new experiences, your kids will also be able to meet new friends. School holidays can also be a basis for your child to study separately.

Playing games

You sound a bit cliché. But this is the modern technology era. It is not wrong for parents to participate in online games with their children. It will also strengthen your relationship with your family. If you’re not playing well, it’s time to ask your child to teach.

Participate in skills classes

Take the chances to educate and improve yourself and your loved one by taking a skill class. It’s including drawing classes which either manual drawing or maybe photo editing using computer, entrepreneurship classes, public speaking classes, horseback riding classes and archery class. This not only will be great experience, it will an extra skill you will have in your life.

Visit places of knowledge for fun

Take your children to explore more places that will increase their knowledge while having fun. There are many places that are fun yet great for education such as Petrosains, Planetarium, Kidzania, National Museum, National Zoo and National Museum. Also take your child to the library. This is also a way for you to install reading interest in your children.


One of the simple thing that you will definitely love is gardening. It can be done right behind your backyard or small garden. Gardening can be fun as your kids happy to play with the soil while learning about nature. Teach them how to plant a tree.

Once the tree is planted, teach them to take care of it and water it every day. It is advisable to start with plants that can produce fruit and change as soon as they grow vegetables and flowering plants. Kids definitely gets super excited on waiting the plant to grow and produce fruits.

Plan Your Activities with your loved one now

So, do you plan any activities that will help you during your child’s school holidays? Fill your children’s free time with the various activities above, and don’t ever let them waste time because it is so precious!